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How sales managers go from endless juggling to proactive coaching that reps love.

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Rhythm is software that structures pipeline data in real-time, so you never have to search another CRM report again.

focus on what matters

Focus on what matters, so you never lose another winnable deal.

Revenue teams are using more systems than ever, creating hours of work finding, aggregating, and aligning on performance data with reps. Rhythm consolidates this process, giving managers 40% of their work week back, so they can focus on what really matters — people and performance.

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How it Works

Salesforce integration

Simply sign up and connect Salesforce in one-click using your Salesforce login. You only need access to read Opportunity records, no admin or special permissions required. Disconnect at any time to revoke access — You're in full control.

Team view

Get instant visibility to your entire pipeline in seconds. Rhythm creates a real-time, read-only connection with Salesforce using industry standard encryption and cloud services. Rhythm does not create or manipulate any data in Salesforce.

Pipeline review

Share and collaborate with your reps to cut through the chatter and get to results. With fully configurable views, Rhythm ensures that you’re presented with all the relevant data you need to build a continuous flow with your team.

The first control panel for revenue teams

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Sales Managers

Avoid the admin burden of running your team so you can focus on what really matters — developing reps and driving revenue

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Bottle and repeat best practices across managers to make every rep a top performer.

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Senior Leaders

Build a team of A+ managers who consistently deliver high-impact coaching and ramp new managers lightning fast.

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Senior Leaders

Learn how Rhythm can help you build repeatable, automated practices.

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