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How it Works

Connect your CRM

Simply sign up and connect Salesforce or Hubspot in one-click using your login. You only need access to read deals, no admin or special permissions required. Disconnect at any time to revoke access — You’re in full control.

Team view

Get instant visibility to your entire pipeline in seconds. Rhythm creates a real-time, read-only connection with your CRM using industry standard encryption and cloud services. Rhythm does not create or manipulate any CRM data.

Pipeline review

Share and collaborate with your reps to cut through the chatter and get to results. With fully configurable views, Rhythm ensures that you’re presented with all the relevant data you need to build a continuous flow with your team.

Rhythm is your control panel, so you never play catch-up again

Connect and find data instantly

Connect and find data instantly

Rhythm integrates your tools so you accurately know what deals are coming in, where you can help, and where to best use your time at any moment.

Align with your team

Align with your team

Rhythm puts data in context, so you can immediately identify pipeline risks, align with your team, and ensure your team is always on track to perform.

Create visibility

Create Visibility

Validate performance and effectiveness of your team in a remote setting.

Establish healthy practices

Establish Healthy Practices

Ensure funnel metrics and customer tasks are actioned in real time.

CRM Integrated

Rhythm turns your CRM data into collaborative templates that help you efficiently and consistently coach your team to success. Setup takes less than 60 seconds. No admin required.

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